In 2018, while seated in my office in Downtown Dallas, a vision sparked: a desire to deepen connections within my online community. Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, amidst a surge of gratitude for genuine bonds, I launched a new YouTube channel and podcast. Yet, despite these tools, I hesitated to fully commit.

Now, after six years of contemplation, I’m finally taking the leap—I’m ready!

Welcome to Dear Summer, where I merge my business acumen, Southern charm, and unfiltered humor into each episode. Imagine a fusion of Dear Abby and Quora, with the laid-back atmosphere of a friendly happy hour.

As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, I juggle various roles. At SG Creative Agency in Dallas, I guide the strategies of national brands, influencers, and non-profits. Simultaneously, as the Chief Butter Officer of Sugar Puddin’, I spread joy through homemade Southern comfort cuisine.

Come join me and a few friends on Dear Summer for a refreshing concoction of sass, savvy insights, and Southern hospitality.