Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger

When I initially purchased my Sony A6000 DSLR camera in March 2016, my primary goal was to learn photography and videography so that I could return to blogging and get into podcasting with a video component.

{Back story: I had two very popular blogs back in 2005-2008 during the Blogger days — shoutout to fellow Blogspot O.G.’s Jeremy Biggers and Lightskinjokes.com — waaaay before blogging is as common as it is today. Well, I made the awful mistake of letting someone I was pseudo-dating manipulate me into quitting. I never quite got over that because my blog allowed me a different channel of expression, and I’d been considering beginning again but this time with video and podcasting included.}

By May 2016, I’d purchased every piece of video equipment I needed, but the devil being who he is, I started second-guessing myself. For two years, I made up excuse after excuse for why I’d yet to record a video or even finish my content calendars.

Important note: This brand new mic and headphones have sat on my desk since this February and the logos and branding files for the podcast/ blog have been saved on my computer for over a year now.

So what was I so afraid of?

I’d already done in this before, and I’d spent two years co-hosting Tha Afterparty Radio with my cousin, so it’s not that I was inexperienced with blogging or digital media; I was just insecure. I lacked the courage to put myself out there again. Part of me wondered what people would say about me adding yet another (seemingly new) venture to my already busy portfolio. Another (larger) part of me worried that I wasn’t pretty enough or that my voice isn’t commanding enough to keep people engaged. For over two years, I’ve replayed all the reasons why not to run with my original vision until a fateful conversation and prayer with a young woman I absolutely adore (LJB). Somewhere in the midst of our exchange of dreams and her spontaneous petition to God for me, I found the encouragement I needed to finally pull the trigger and buy the dearsummerg.com domain. And here we are!

Next month, I’ll launch several episodes of the Dear Summer G Podcast to iTunes, Google Play and a few other channels, and I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to every friend and follower that’s rocked with me from my Yahoo! Chat Room days of 1998, to the early blogging days in 2005, to 2007 MySpace, early-2009 Twitter until today. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to be my authentic, creative self in all my (random) Gemini glory. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me in whatever season of life I bring yall. This new project comes as a subsidiary of my existing SGCA brand and that’s not going anywhere, ever.

In 2018 and it’s fifth year, I purposely pressed pause on Sugar Puddin’, and I’m still in prayer about what the next chapter of my baking business looks like. To be honest, I may just wind up baking as a hobby again; it’s all in God’s hands. But most importantly, wherever and in whatever God leads me to, I pray He gets the glory in it. So with that said, just know that I am TRULY THANKFUL for YOU. XOXO ~ SG (P.S. I just discovered my 2008 blog is STILL UP!!! HA!!!)


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